LF Gaming Influencers



Introducing Derek, or more likely known as WTFMoses!

Derek is a full time streamer based out of Calgary, Alberta. He is not only the king in PUBG, but also a caster of all things PUBG. A full time streamer and content creator, if you have played Escape from Tarkov, you’ve likely used one of Derek’s youtube videos as a guide to help you out! 

But he wasn’t always the superstar he is now. He started just like how anyone starts; streaming as a hobby. Two years later he has made his mark in FPS games, and creates great content and is overall a GREAT guy!

We are very excited to partner with Derek aka WTFMoses and present the WTFMoses Stealth chair! Black with silver contrast stitching, and the iconic purple piping details the chair. And of course, the iconic WTFMoses ambigram logo in a rich purple and silver. 

You can find WTFMoses on every platform, and don’t forget to check out his facebook streams as well!

WTFmoses Favorite LF Gaming Chair