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Your chair plays a role in the design of your space. Make a statement with one of our Fantasy collection painted backs.

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For the best and most comfortable gaming experience of your life, get a LF Gaming™ Chair. Especially if you’re spending hours in your chair, grinding through the best PC games, you’ll need a chair specifically designed and engineered to support your body and help alleviate pain.

100 Day Money Back Guarantee **

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Harris Heller LFG™ Gaming Chair – Tri Tone
  • $1,895.00
LFG™ Gaming Chair - Black - Bricky
  • $1,795.00
LFG™ Tri Tone Gaming Chair - Tomination Time
  • $1,795.00
LFG™ Black Gaming Chair - Wildcard Gaming
  • $1,795.00
LFG™ EX Gaming Chair - Black - WTFmoses
  • $1,995.00
LFG™ Gaming Chair Tri Tone - Wildcard Gaming
  • $1,795.00
LFG™ Black Gaming Chair - BUSTIN Wildcard Gaming
  • $1,795.00