See What Sets Us Apart


Our Gaming Chairs are engineered to provide personalized fit, style and support for virtually any user. LF Gaming Chairs feature so many ways to adjust the chair to fit your body uniquely and each are designed to reduce, alleviate and prevent pain and injury.
But some people just want more space. That's why we introduced the Stealth EXtreme Gaming Chair - all the wondrous appeal of the Stealth but with a wider, deeper seat.


The most overlooked part of the setup. You want the best rig, the fastest graphics – but are you forgetting the human component to all of this?

You’re only as good as you allow yourself to be. Think of your chair as your vessel to carry you through each campaign – supporting you, preventing discomfort, distraction – ensuring your concentration is focused and allowing you to perform at your very best. LF Gaming can provide you with long term comfort and support that will change the way you play the game.


Our ThermaGuard™ Temperature-Regulating Technology makes these Gaming Chairs more comfortable for extended use, by keeping your body’s temperature regulated. Leave those days of SWASS behind!